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When is it best to gamble online
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011 17:35

There are many ways to gamble online, when I say that most people will think, of course there is, you can play bingo online, put some money on the lottery or even join the massive poker tournaments. Of course all these things are true, but that is not what I was meaning. What I was meaning was the ways of gambling, irrespective of medium, format or game. Let me explain a little further.

Some people are born gamblers and they just like to gamble. This is above and beyond gambling addiction, which I will come to in a short while. Born gamblers and gambling addiction are very closely matched and it is often difficult to tell them apart. All I can say is that addicted gamblers have to gamble to be able to acheive their next big win, and will keep on going and going until it breaks them. That is not a good place to be.

Born gamblers I believe are those that gamble as and when they feel like it and often have good luck. They do not feel the need to go online and place a bet, or play roulette at an online casino. When a new casino bonus comes along they do not feel obliged to take them up on their offer. Sometimes they will.

So the best type of gambler is the born gambler and the way they gamble is sporadically and not with too much cash that could land them in trouble. The next thing to look at is state of mind whilst gambling. A big thing with many of my friends in the past has been online poker. They do not play that often but when they do it is normally late at night and with a few alcoholic drinks inside them. Often as they play they are consuming more drinks and slowly getting past their best.

Why do people do that. Often beacuse they are drunk, and want to "do something" with their endless drunken night, and what better way than to win loads of cash on the poker tables. They are invincible after all. Often starting out with small bets and slowly getting carried away on a 10 high straight. Not something they would do when sober or in the correct state of mind.

If you are a born gambler, like to gamble little and often, and often win. Then you must try to keep it that way. Do not be tempted to visit the blackjack tables when you have had a few bevvies. This will impair your judgement and potentially lose you a lot of money. When you have lost your money you will inevitably want to win it back and this means you gamble more and lose more. And then all hell breaks loose and you become an addict just waiting for that big win.

Being tired is another big problem. Most online gambling at casinos or poker rooms tends to happen late at night. This is what the casinos want. People late at night are not as fresh as they could be, and more often than not have had a big meal and bottle of wine or two. Fatigue sets in and before you know it you are a hundred bucks down, and the casino is starting to win. The key is to gamble when you are fresh, not feeling lethargic after dinner and definitely with a few glasses of sparkling water, not a few gallons of whiskey. So then, up it is in the morning. Get showered and dressed into something comfortable. Have yourself a light breakfast, perhaps some cottage cheese on a bagel, or even a donut or two. Dont take too much coffee and the caffeine will affect your concentration. Just some sparkling water or light fruit juice will be fine.

The next important thing to do is remove any distractions. Turn off the TV and/or radio. take the phone off the hook. Banish the other half, kids, pets, aliens etc. and then you are just about ready to settle down in front of the screen for a while at your favourite online casino. Don´t spend too much time. Give yourself a time limit, and a budget. Never break these.

Well that wasn´t quite how I intended this little story to evolve, but I just let things go with the flow. I should never write articles or blogs when I´m tired and drunk!!

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