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Betting Is Basic
Written by Ronny Farkash   
Monday, 31 August 2009 19:02

Betting is one of our basic characteristics. The thrill of win/lose, the surprise factor the chance to get something in non-linear way where you get it for less than its worth – all of these are part of our nature.

Countries that forbid free gambling are actually hide behind their will to collect the benefit of this crave on behalf of moral.

In those places, the state takes over the control over gambling by conducting national lottery and forbid all others to deal freely with the derivatives of this basic impulse. But nevertheless in all those places gambling is still flourishing, controlled mainly by the criminal factors. No one can stop our nature.

The internet has brought us with a variety of solutions that Governments could not have the legal power to enforce the prohibition of gaming and playing on chances. Nobody had never succeeded in stopping us from acting as our nature dictates.

The rain of sites that offer us with all kind of betting and gambling is going stronger. All kinds of sites – from casino sites with a limited leverage and strict rules that bound our chances, to commerce entertainment sites, that allow you to win a cheap laptop 10 times. And what would do with the other 9 that you don't need, but to sell them in discounted price in the free second hand market, and make couple of thousands after investing a little to win them?

First, it is nothing wrong to be natural. Play, bet win, lose and fill the thrill. This is part of you. Now, you have to choose your favorite site that will provide you with the most satisfied time and experience. A site that lets you use your brain and utilize your inherent skills of a thinking creature, a site that has game rule and utilities that may fascinate you and be your virtual home for you as playing human being ("Games People Play", Eric Bern, 1964).

Now, make sure that your favorite site meets several basics:

1.          Reliability and trust.

2.          Games features that you can get in to them and gain the enthusiasm.

3.          Buy back option – where your winning the car for the second time will be translated into real cash, letting you feel a winner.


The most promising site is qwikwin.co.uk. They are launching in mid October, but their current activity in that pre launch stage, along with an interview with their Marketing Director may promise a refreshing phenomenon in the boring landscape of commerce entertainment sites across the web.
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