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Slot Machine Odds
Written by Carolyn Shorter   
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 13:12
Online Slot machines are one of the most popular games played in both 'real' and online casinos. There are different machine types, casinos with different bonus offers and players with different gambling styles. One thing is sure, your winnings depend on the machine hitting frequency odds. But whoever could calculate when or why do some machine give the jackpot and some other barely nothing? This article is about some general truths how slot machines work in order to inform you  what can you expect for.
    First of all, don't trust online slots systems that claim they can show you which machine is ready to hit. The Random Number Generator (RNG) determines the winning combinations of the machine. There is no way to determine if a machine is likely to hit.
Secondly, reading the pay table of the machine can help you judge the frequency the machine returns to a winner. If there are a lot of combinations which return small wins, this means that the machine usually has a larger hit frequency. Those with fewer combinations and large pay back usually have rare returns.
Thirdly, it is known that progressive machines offer large jackpots. Big Progressive Jackpot means that you take a percentage of all the money played into the machine. Remember that you can only have this percentage if you play the maximum number of coins. Unless you should consider not to play on Progressive Machines. Beside these there are the Slot Candles on the top of the machine. The color of the bottom light tells the denomination of the machine. In most cases, the candles on dollar machines are blue, quarters are yellow, and nickel machines are red.
    You can also get a clue about the odds of a particular machine right when choosing it for a play. Progressive machines offer the opportunity to compare and shop around for the best value. One 25 cent "slot machine carousel" can have a progressive jackpot of $2600 and another bank of machines-exactly the same and standing side by side-$1900. This was an example but you should always be looking for the best slot opportunities possible.
Some casinos advertise machines that have a 98.5 percent payback. Pay attention to the specification that this percentage is available only for 'select machines'. This offer is a really great one, but it is your job to find it. Don't lose hope if it seems difficult, because once you have recognized this trick of the casino, you are free to ask its employees to provide you the necessary information.
As to the slot types, there is an advice from the behalf of the grate slot players. If you are going to choose between video poker and slots,and can't decide which type to play,  pick video poker. Even poor play on a video poker machine will have a better payback than most reel slot machines.
    Speaking about odds of hitting the jackpot, there is another rather painful general truth which is not a probability but a fact if you commit it. Even with some relatively small jackpots, if the slot is short coins in the hopper, you will receive only a partial cash payment in the tray, with the balance to be paid by a slot attendant. If you were to insert more coins and pull the handle, say good-bye to the remainder of your jackpot.
Another step towards a positive odds is to read     all the posted material on a slot machine.  It is your responsibility to fully understand all the information concerning the number of coins to insert, lines needed to be lit, prizes or awards. In most cases, when someone calls a slot attendant over and complains the machine "just ripped me off," that individual generally did not read the pay schedule correctly.
If you want to be sure of your odds, it is advisable to avoid machines that use video representations of symbols. With these slots, there is absolutely no way to figure out what the payoff percentage of that machine is. For all you know, your true chances of hitting a major jackpot could be a billion to one.
    Don't forget another important issue, that time is always on the casino's side. The longer you stay on any slot, the more time the machine's built-in mathematical advantage has to work you over. This is how casinos build mega-resorts. They have a mathematical edge on every slot.
A final, good advice might be to play the highest denomination machine you can afford, but don't play one that has a higher denomination than you can afford. Higher denomination machines have better and bigger payouts, but you still shouldn't play above your bankroll.
    Calculations about slot machine odds are as hard as useful. There are many misleading materials and products on the market which pretend to help you define the likeliness of your winnings. The truth is that you can either have no idea of what will happen to you in front of the machine, or you can act so - before, during and after your play - that you can guarantee yourself a successful period on a long term.
The key is to be attentive on the many tiny details concerning your check-in, the rules of the games and both your and the online casinos obligations and rights.
All in all, you should always remember that playing on slot machines means having fun after all. Enjoy the free buffet, drink your favorite drinks, savor the atmosphere of a tensed, spicy environment and forget about the odds. As long as you have a kind of conscious approach to the whole world of gambling and are aware of your possibilities and chances, slot odds will surely reward you with all that you deserve. With a wonderful time at least, that's for sure!
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